Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot - but what else is new.

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Jim Lynch, in an apparent attempt to see if he could get my blood pressure to break new ground, just sent me a link to this discussion of Rush Limbaugh's latest bit of verbal flatulence. Rush appears to have some rather interesting views on women in the military, and he decided to express some of those views on his radio show yeaterday. Actually, I wasn't nearly as annoyed by The Big Fat Idiot's comments as I think Jim expected. The remarks are assinine, stupid, and reflect a perspecitve on society and gender that was obsolete a very long time ago, but they were also exactly the type of raw stupidity that I've come to expect from Rush. It's hard to get worked up about him saying really rediculously stupid things,

The liberals did indeed bandy about, bang on the drums for women in combat. Now anyone with, it just isn't right. Whether they can do it or not, that's not what a cultured civilized society does to its women, they just don't do it

That one's good. I particularly love the concept that a "cultured civilized society" "does" things "to its women." The implication that women are passive recipients of actions, and not equal participants in the ongoing discussions that make civilized society civilized is particularly amusing. I suspect that there may be other bloggers who might have more to say about that.

So what does it tell you they of the military? Its nothing but a little social playground for experimentation, by the way since they're liberals they'd love to weaken it and love to tear it apart and cause all kinds of controversy and strife, and they do it under the guise of women's rights,

Controversy and strife? Rush, I hate to break it to you, but the only controversy about women serving in combat is taking place in the narrow-minded little reactionary community that you are such a big part of. In Iraq, there is no controversy about whether or not women should be in combat. They are in combat. It's happening. I don't know of anyone in the military who has a real problem with that.

I'm sure there are some imminently qualified women in the military I am not talking about their ability to do, I am talking about the institution and what it says about a cultured civilized society that it will round up babes send them off to basic training and send them off to the foxholes.

Now that, that was really a masterpiece (piece of what, we'll leave for another time). Rush, women weren't "rounded up." They had to fight hard for the right to participate - and they mostly had to fight against overblown chickenhawk gasbags like you to get that right. As far as qualifications go, that particular point isn't even worth addressing - even if I could figure out exactly what painkillers boy was going for there.

All in all, though, I'm really not the person he should be explaining his opposition to. If he feels so strongly that the whole women in combat thing is detrimental to our civilization, he should really take that up with my wife. Preferably in person. She's currently stationed north of Bagdhad. He should feel more than free to take his fat ass out to the combat zone and explain it to her, and some of her medics, and the rest of the females on that base, in person. I'd pay money to see that particular conversation.

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