That had to hurt.

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A word of advice for White House staffers: when John Stewart has to take a second or two to tell viewers that he's not making things up, you might have a serious problem:

Stewart: "So far, at least five four-star generals have declined the position, some citing that this administration -- and this is true -- doesn't appear to know what it's doing. To address this...." [audience laughter and applause] "...The generals said that. That's the generals saying that, and you know I never go against my commanders in the field."

When he has to do it twice in a single monologue, things are probably going downhill really fast:

Stewart: "To address this... problem... the White House is - and this is also true - changing the job's title from "czar" to "execution manager."

And when he says this, it's time to update resumes and jump ship:

Stewart: "I mean, at this point this administration is making me obsolete."


The rest of the segment is pretty good, too.

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  • JS says:

    MessO'Potamia... Priceless... Crushingly obvious once someone does it. But priceless none the less.
    - JS