Great Start for the Donors Choose Campaign.

Oct 02 2007 Published by under Do Something, Education, Philanthropy, Science

For those of you who haven't looked over at the sidebar, the DonorsChoose campaign is off to a start that far exceeded my wildest expectations. Yesterday, five donors kicked in an outstanding $687.06. That's more in one day than I had targeted for the entire drive last year, and enough to bring us more than 40% of the way to the total. To everyone who's donated so far, thank you very much.

Some of the other blogs at scienceblogs are offering incentives to donors. I'm trying to think of something, and promise that I'll get some sort of idea up in the next day or two. There are also some rumors that there may be some incentives available from other sources - so hold onto your receipts if you've already given, and check back in a couple of days.

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  • The Ridger says:

    This campaign makes me feel good and horrible at the same time. How can a teacher have to beg for modeling clay, for crying out loud?
    Still, I've done my bit. Thanks.

  • Mike Dunford says:

    This campaign makes me feel good and horrible at the same time.

    I think outrage comes closest for me. Once the official drive is complete, I think I'll probably have a lot more to say on the subject.

  • Jeff says:

    Is it possible for Canadians to make donations, and if not does anyone know a similar charity in Canada?

  • The Ridger says:

    Apparently Canadians can donate if they fake a Zip code by just entering some five-digit number along with their real address.
    I kind of hope Canada doesn't NEED a similar charity, but if y'all do, I certainly hope you have one.

  • JohnnieCanuck, FCD says:

    With regard to Canadians, it depends what you mean by donate. Whether or not Donors Choose takes a Canadian's money is up to them.
    If they have no Canadian tax number to issue their receipt under (probably), then assuming you are not filing a US return, it can only be used on your Canadian return if you have US income to declare on your Canadian return.
    This would be the case, for example if you own investments like US stocks or bonds which have deductions made against dividend or interest payments. The amount of the total US donation that exceeds the total US income will not qualify for a deduction. This is controlled by the US/Canadian tax treaty.
    What with all the deductibles and such in place, you likely won't get much back from the CRA, anyway. If you think it is a deserving charity, give regardless.
    Lots of Canadian teachers spring for supplies for their students out of their own pockets, just like American ones do. Maybe take a moment to see if you or your company can do something local.