Another DonorsChoose update.

Oct 04 2007 Published by under Do Something, Philanthropy

The response to my DonorsChoose challenge continues to be outstanding. Earlier today, we passed the $1,588 that I had set as my initial goal for the drive. Since there are still 27 days left in the challenge, I went back and increased the target to $2,000. If more of the projects are fully funded, I'll go back and add more to the challenge.

When I do add more proposals, I'm going to stick to the criteria that I used earlier today - schools with 85% or more of the students receiving free lunch, and proposals requesting very basic supplies. If you would prefer to fund proposals with a specific science component, there are a lot of other blogs here at that are running challenges of their own. They'd also welcome all the help that you can give the students they've picked.

Finally, keep the receipts. I've been told that there may be some incentives from outside this blog, and I'm still trying like crazy to think of something to offer from myself - beyond my gratitude, that is. I'm open to reasonable suggestions on that one.

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