Pelosi and the difference between "being a leader" and "leading."

Oct 11 2007 Published by under 2008, Congressional, Democratic, Elections, Politics

It looks like Nancy Pelosi might be getting just a wee bit frustrated with the Democratic base. It also looks like she's got a lack of understanding of the proper relationship between politicians and the people that sorely needs correcting. At a recent press lunch sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor, she said this:

Activists who want to target congressional Democrats for lack of action on the war are misguided, the speaker argued. "I think it is a waste of time for them to go after Democratic members. They ought to just persuade Republican members who are representing areas that are opposed to the war," she said. "We said we would change the debate; we would fight to end the war. We never said we had the veto pen or the signature pen."

According to the Washington Post, she also said something about the difference between her role and the role of the base - at least as she sees it:

"They are advocates," she said. "We are leaders."

That is true, I suppose. Pelosi, Hoyer, Reid, and the rest of their gang are the leaders in Congress. Unfortunately, there's a big difference between being designated as a "leader" and leading. One requires determination, effort, and action. The other requires nothing more than the occupation of space and the consumption of time.

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