DonorsChoose update:

Oct 12 2007 Published by under Do Something, Philanthropy

This week's DonorsChoose update is a short one. We're still doing well here - $2278 has been donated, which puts us well on our way to meeting our goal for the third time. I've added new proposals, again mostly from the Bronx, most of which are looking to fill basic classroom needs. (One request is for a copy machine and toner, because the entire school currently has one machine and no service contract. Another is for play-dough for a kindergarten classroom. A third is another request for pencils, crayons, and markers.)

In related news, Seed Media Group (the parent company of Scienceblogs) announced earlier this week that they are starting a Science Literacy Grants program, and that as part of that program they will be matching the first $15,000 in contributions to the DonorsChoose campaign. itself - the folks who pay us - is also going to be kicking in some prizes for individual donors. These prizes include t-shirts, mugs, books, and the grand prize is a new iPod Nano. If you've donated to my challenge - or any of the others - email a copy of your receipt to

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