Donors Choose - Coming Down to the Wire

Oct 30 2007 Published by under Do Something, Philanthropy

We're now in the last two days of the DonorsChoose Bloggers' Challenge. As things currently stand, this blog is now $88 away from my $2,500 fundraising goal. Unfortunately, we've been more or less stalled for the last couple of weeks, so I'm going to add an incentive to see if we can get over the top.

DonorsChoose has generously committed to give blogs that hit their goals with a 10% bonus that can be used to fund additional projects. I've already contributed some to my own challenge, but if we have met the goal by 10 pm tomorrow night, our family will also contribute 10% of the total raised (up to a maximum of $500).

Here are the proposals in my challenge that still need contributions:

A teacher in the Bronx needs $435 to purchase a skeleton model:

A life-size model of a skeleton would give me a chance to teach the students figure drawing the right way - focusing on basic structure, not only to teach observation, perspective and proportion, but to help them understand that all things have an underlying structure to them. I have heard many science teachers complain that they no longer have time to teach about the skeleton in life science - if it isn't on the test, it isn't taught! If I could have the skeleton model, I could not only teach those very necessary facts but share it with the science department who could build on my lessons in a way that would encourage critical thinking in the students.

A teacher in Chicago needs another $268 to pay for a screen for the overhead projector:

Currently I am projecting my Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies lessons on a large piece of white paper. The image that I am able to use is small and usually not very useful. My school is aware of my need, but can't find the money to fund it. This screen would help out greatly in my classroom, so in advance I would like to thank you for your help.

A Bronx special-ed teacher needs another $119 for play-dough:

I feel that if given the chance, especially while they are still young, play dough is one way in which children can use their hands and strengthen some basic fine motor skills needed and at the same time have fun with it. It also would allow students to "model" the letter of the week out of their play dough. It is a fun way to not only learn, but is a great activity for students who are visual learners. On top of that, it allows the children to use their hands to be creative and at the same time, strengthen their gross and fine motor skills.

A Los Angeles teacher needs another $294 to buy binders for students who can't afford them:

Having a binder for their work will allow my students to learn how to categorize and organize their work. They will learn how to refer back to previous work to support their current learning. My students will learn simple organizational skills that will help them become better students. My students need these binders!

A Bronx teacher needs another $498 to buy a photocopier and toner:

Unfortunately, there is only one copy machine in my school building, which tends to malfunction frequently. At times, my school doesn't have the funds to maintain a service contract on the machine, and the copier goes unfixed for days. When it is in good working condition, it takes seven to ten school days to receive them. This is a terrible inconvenience.

Every one of these schools is located in a poor area. Every one of them is asking for things that the students need. Wouldn't it be great if we could fund them all?

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