Discovery Institute to Ames Tribune: Report what we say, not what we do!!

Dec 06 2007 Published by under Accidental, Humor, Religion

Poor Rob Crowther seems to be having a bad week. First, his big Iowa press conference turned out to be a total non-event. Then, it turned out that some of the people who did mention the press conference didn't quite manage to spin it the way he was hoping for. The Ames Tribune, in particular, seems to have sparked his ire. His response to them is well worth the read - the first sentence, in particular, is quite simply one of the most (unintentionally, of course) funny things I've seen in a long time:

The Ames Tribune editorial today tries to make out that Discovery Institute is more interested in headlines than in truth.

In other news, they also reported that the sky is blue, the ocean is wet, and the sun is big.

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  • J-Dog says:

    Bwa Ha Ha! I love it when the DI sputters and spews.

  • Dave S. says:

    Actually what the editorial said was, "But then again, it seems the institute is at least as interested in headlines as it is in science.", not more interested. Although I agree that they are in fact more interested, indeed much more interested, in headlines than in science. They do no science. They have made no discoveries. There is no research program from which it is potentially possible to formulate a testable hypothesis that might eventually lead to a discovery. There is not even the remotest possibility of formulating such a program. ID is not even a dead science like astrology, it is stillborn. The likes of Crowther flogging the corpse won't make it different.

  • Unsympathetic reader says:

    Note that the Templeton Foundation is still waiting for a book from Dembski. It appears that ID grantees aren't good investments and perhaps even the DI recognizes it.