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Apr 03 2008 Published by under Climate/Weather

This one probably isn't the hardest quiz I've come up with, but give it a shot anyway. Here's the question: how is the specific airplane in this picture connected to atmospheric science research?


Let's try something new this week: email your answer to me at instead of posting it in the comments. I'll announce the names of everyone to get the right answer on Monday.

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  • Chiefley says:

    Isn't this an old Constellation refitted for hurricane tracking?

  • Ferrous Patella says:

    Hurricane Hunter

  • Brent says:

    It's a WC-130J Hercules. Definitely a Hurricane Hunter.

  • Onkel Bob says:

    Brent, What gives you a clue that it's a "J"? I suspect you're right as I see the 53rd now flies the new version. It's been a while since I rode in one (1983) and all the dirty thirties at that time were H's. I wasn't in the the 53rd, I was cross-training at the time. I just happened to run into a friend and he got me on to a flight.
    Chiefley, if you flew in a Connie, you're even older than me!

  • Mac says:

    Also, J models are the only herk variant with 6-bladed props (at least in the US...) As does the one in the picture. There are a couple other very tiny clues visible in the picture.
    Another quiz question.. how many C-130 prop variants are out there?

  • Onkel Bob says:

    I was wondering about the props.
    I remember the C-130A had the 3 blade prop. Although I worked on C-130E's and H's (4 prop) at Incirlik and McChord, I was the specialist for C-141's and C-5's because of my first assignment at Charleston.

  • Mac says:

    The D-model also sported 3 bladed props

  • Jeff Knapp says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to "hitch a ride" on one of the hurricane hunters as a regular citizen? How about if one wanted to capture some high-res, digital cinema footage using something like this baby.