Another fairly safe prediction:

Jan 22 2009 Published by under Humor

My last prediction seems to have worked out OK. Let's try another one. President Obama re-swore the oath of office tonight just to be safe and head off the tinfoil hat brigade. According to the pool report, he did not use a Bible for the do-over.

Would anyone like to bet on which right wing blog is going to go the most completely insane on that the fastest? Also, would anyone like to make any wagers on how long it will take for the no-bible retake to be touted as evidence that (a) Obama really is a secret Muslim; (b) Obama really is the anti-Christ; or (c) both of the above?

Note that I'm not asking if these things will happen. Just when.

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  • csrster says:

    Not to mention (d) he still isn't really President. I think retaking the oath was a mistake. Anyone crazy enough to dispute the validity of the first oath is crazy enough to find fault with the second, no matter what the circumstances.

  • Oh, you'll be laughing on the other side of your face when earthquakes split America into tiny fragments, spikey fireballs rain down from the sky and, erm, giant ants run rampage and use some really foul language in front of womenfolk...
    Agreed it was a mistake to retake it but it's done now and we just have to sit back and laugh at the crazies.

  • Rev Matt says:

    On a related note, they're now flipping out that the cabinet appointees weren't legally submitted for confirmation because he did it before retaking the oath so he wasn't 'really' president. Scary thing is I live in a part of the country where that mindset is dominant.

  • Pineyman says:

    Now if I were taking the oath, I'd swear it on my vintage Jessica Hahn Playboy. That way, I've got

  • BaldApe says:

    I'd swear it on my vintage Jessica Hahn Playboy.

    Which one? Wasn't she in three of four of them?
    "I am not a bimbo."