Let's Hear it for the Kids!

Feb 08 2009 Published by under Religion

The walking collection of pathetically cruel hominids known as Westboro Baptist staged a protest at a high school recently. This particular high school attracted their attention because last year it elected a gay male student as "prom king/queen". The students responded with a counter-protest:

The student body protest, as organized by Jake Davidson, a pupil and
representative, was a peaceful affair with the Phelps clan confined
mainly to the north side of the street and the student body
counter-protest to the south with a slew of over a dozen police
officers between them.

Shawnee students carried banners with
messages of support for the gay community and even held collections for
AIDS awareness and treatment charities, ignoring the Westboro Baptists'
derisive chants and vocal taunts.

Good. For. Them.

I hope that I could remain calm and peaceful and engage in productive activity in the face of the Westboro loonies, but I'm not sure I could pull it off now - much less when I was 18.

(HT: Greg Laden)

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