Obama to Nominate Sotomayor to Supreme Court

May 26 2009 Published by under Politics

It's being widely reported that President Obama will announce his pick to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice David Souter within the next hour. According to the reports, Obama has chosen Sonya Sotomayor for the job. Sotomayor was appointed to the Federal bench by George H.W. Bush in 1991, and was elevated to the 2nd Circuit by Bill Clinton in 1998.

We'll undoubtedly be hearing quite a bit more about Sotomayor in the coming days (if not hours). Jonathan Turley is not particularly excited about the pick, pointing out that Sotomayor is likely to be more controversial than some of the other names on the short list. Personally, I don't think that's such a big deal. The Republicans have been very clearly telegraphing that they're going to try to mount a big push against whoever the pick is, so there's probably little to be gained by going with an uncontroversial pick.

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  • Asemodeus says:

    The republicans will try to block any nomination out of spite regardless of what Obama does.

  • QA's Mom says:

    Of course the Republicans will try to block her.
    But she's a sharp. bright, capable woman who grew up in the projects of the Bronx -- I'm sure she's up to the fight

  • Bob Carrroll says:

    And the objections they have raised so far have been blunted by qoutes from conservative SCJ who have said the same thing.