Fort Hood - the reported shooter.

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I don't know why I would have expected anything about the entire incident to make sense, but the more I hear about the alleged shooter - Malik Nidal Hasan - the less sense it seems to make. I'm not going to try to speculate about anything at this point. Here are the things that are known so far:

1: He was born in VA.

2: He received his medical degree at Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences in 2003.

3: He immediately followed this up with a psychiatry residency at Walter Reed, which he completed in 2007.

4: He did a fellowship in Disaster and Preventative Psychiatry back at USUHS, which he recently finished.

5: He recently pinned on Major, which would put his promotion in the same time frame as the rest of the year group.

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  • aj says:

    In regards to 1), here's a report that says he's originally from Jordan
    I don't know if it's true though.

  • Final Chapter says:

    Recall when the latest renewal of the reneged promise to scratch the patriot act? Remember all those phony plots and bombings. Like a truck didn't blow up because the police supplied the would be bomber with fake bombs.
    I cannot recall one so called or alleged stateside terror production that was not founded and mentored by an FBI informant.
    Now we have fort hood - all the google news listings say the shooter was killed - they got his complete bio on line - the story ready to go - but the two others that got away with one recently captured - no news on them.
    With all that's going on (54% of our national budget is defense). It cost 300 Million a day to get gasoline to the Marines in Afghanistan - we're talking lots-o-bucks in the hands of politico grease monkeys too easy to corrupt.
    If I we're writing a script my bet would be that the Islamic named doctor was killed by the real shooters and pegged for the deed by the maw of the cash registers at the War Oil and Dope Exchange that has wrung every drop of goodness this country may have had.
    Are they're no heroes or patriots in our civil, uniformed or justice services? Will none of them stand up and abide by their oath and carry the fragile dream of the republic forward.
    The Exchange still thinks that diversionary false flags will deflect our attention from the truth and facts of the criminality and treason that visits this moment. They think we fear their tinsel pretense of power. They think they are in control. They have lost any, and all sense of ethics, law and survival.
    They bait what they deny and fear most.
    This is that moment. History is littered with the disemboweled corpses of political classes who thought themselves divinely ordained. That noble speeches and fear and armed security was all the protection they needed to pass from time comfortably. Righteousness, they learned in their last gasp of earthly air, is a very painful bloody treacherous and invasive truth.
    Americans want to do what they need to do. Build, invent, raise families maintain and live in this vast frail complex infrastructure that rings the registers at the exchange. We make it easy for a clerk to think himself a king. Too easy. Your are our employees. You are not leaders. The vote to quash Goldstone today demonstrated that war criminals and their clerks in our houses of government have infected the republic beyond a cure. The tumor has to be removed. The tumor, one way or another, will be removed. The moment is near. Submit, accept and be redeemed or endure what history has given to the vain self ordained clown royalty of political classes past.
    Americans can also do what they do best. We are the descendants of baby killers and king disembowlers. We pretend mercy. We pretend rational behavior. This moment, like no moment before, is ripping the facade of our pretentious civility and there is nothing we can do to stop it or avert what we are about to become.
    If everything is lost, there is nothing to loose.
    Where are the patriots in our civil and military services? Why isn't someone trying to prevent the inevitable resolution this moment has delivered.
    Either the criminals admit their guilt and take their licks so we can clean house, or, our rank and file government workers execute a coup and install a provisional government as justice demands or the unthinkable will bleed into the streets and burn the dream. There will be no innocents. There will be no mercy. There will only be righteous vengeance and retribution with absolute prejudice. 300 Million pissed off Americans are the last group of assholes anyone should entertain to tango with.
    FBI guys - CIA guys - Police Guys - Agency guys - protect us - save us - save yourselves - save the republic - the moment is expiring and everything you and we hold dear will be destroyed by it. DO WHAT YOUR SWORE TO DO. DO WHAT WE HIRED YOU TO DO. Don't allow a hint of vain ignorance to leave you a rat f*ck on a burning sinking ship. Truth Justice and the American Way - One way or another - will happen - and it will be unstoppable.
    One breach to many has been allowed. The moment passes. Hurry or we all perish.

  • Murph says:

    Not loose, nothing to lose. Kudos on working in disembowel twice.

  • dom youngross says:

    However the truth shakes out about the Fort Hood massacre, one thing is for certain:
    Afghanistan is changing us here in the US faster and for the worse than we are changing Afghanistan for the better.
    President Obama's war of Candidate Obama's necessity in Afghanistan is being 'forced' on us the way Karzai was forced on the Afghans. I enclosed forced in single quotation marks because even at this late date, collectively, we in the US are more complicit in this forcing than the Afghans.

  • Can't Dance says:

    Mr. Final Chapter, The only person I entertain to tango with is my girlfriend, and even she doesn't find it all that amusing. So what's your point?

  • Mouser says:

    Fort Hood was a false flag by government agents to further instill hate against Muslims and thereby to support the Rothschildean-American-Zionist empire's exploitative and genocidal wars against middle eastern Muslim countries.
    Hasan is the patsy who never fired a single shot on Thursday 5 November 2009.
    He was left for dead on the transit hall floor and now is at great risk of being suicided.
    Prior experience (the 9/11 attacks) lead me to suspect the 3 - 5 actual gunmen were brown-skinned CIA/Mossad agents in army fatigues.
    False eye-witness testimonies will be procured and broadcast in the main stream media.
    Hasan will not be allowed to speak to a neutral third party in order to keep the false flag a secret.

  • NJ says:

    Congratulations Mike!
    Although the competition has been stiff, with this post you have officially won the ScienceBlogs "I Attracted the Looniest Commenters of the Year Award".
    Thanks are due to Final Chapter and Mouser for making this happen. Their gifts include tinfoil hats and free trips to undisclosed locations...