Where's Waldo - the invertebrate version

Jul 30 2011 Published by under Animals, Arthropods

I took a couple of pictures at the beach recently, of an extremely well-camouflaged invert. Can you see it in this first picture? (Clicking on any of the images will take you to flickr, where you can inspect the full size to your heart's content.)

Ocypode pallidula 1

Not sure what I was looking at yet? Let's zoom in a little.

Ocypode pallidula 2

Still not sure? Here's your final chance. After you look at this one, go back to the start and see if you can find it again. Even when you know it's there, it's not totally easy.

Ocypode pallidula 3

This little guy is (I'm fairly sure) a pallid ghost crab (Ocypode pallidula). It's the smaller of the two species of ghost crab found in the Hawaiian islands. Watching them at the beach can be kind of fun - your eyes tend to catch them when they're moving, but it's easy to lose them when they stop.

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  • Dan says:

    Occasionally, like 30 seconds ago, I can recapture what it felt to be 8 years old and awed and amazed by everything. Thanks.