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And now, a brief semi-scientific interlude.

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Rainbows are beautiful. They're also a great way to see the effects of optical phenomena in the atmosphere. Light entering raindrops is refracted, reflected, and refracted again. The red wavelengths are bent less than the blue. If you stand (or sit, or drive) so that the sun is behind you and the raindrops in front of you, and the circumstances are right, the effect is a gorgeous band of colors arcing across the sky.

Rainbows have been important in mythology, art, and culture all over the world, and throughout history. They've been used to symbolize many things, mostly involving a connection between the heavens and earth.

Rainbows are often seen in Hawai'i (that's why they call us "the Rainbow State"). Here, in addition to being beautiful, they actually provide us with some knowledge that can be extremely useful in the short term future. Specifically, if you are driving toward a rainbow, it should remind you to close the moon roof.

If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go finish drying the car.

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School, Career, and Family Life (and my Sugar Mama)

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Scientopia Guest Bloggers Nicole and Maggie have a post up that's got a lot of relevance to my current family situation. They found a post on the Get Rich Quick Slowly blog that provides the perspective of a woman - a self declared "sugar mama" - who is financially supporting her husband while he attends college. Nicole and Maggie note that this kind of arrangement doesn't always end well:

One thing I would caution for women in general is not to sacrifice their own career goals for their husband’s education. As an academic, I know plenty of couples where the woman worked at what she considered to be a temporary job to put her husband through school, but rather than return the favor later (as implicitly promised), they got divorced. Sacrificing one’s own ambitions puts a lot of stress on the marriage, no matter which spouse is doing the sacrificing.

This is something that sounds a lot like a good chunk my life trajectory. I guess a little background is in order here.
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Why I love the law

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Yeah, I know, the blog went quiet again pretty quick after that last post about moving from a science career path to a legal one. I kept trying to write a post that explains why I'm so confident that the law is a better choice for me than science. I kept trying, and I kept coming up blank. It's not that I don't know why, it's just been hard finding the right words. A few minutes ago, 1000 words (or the metaphorical equivalent thereto) dropped into my lap:

Homecoming kiss

There it was. Right there in front of me the whole time.
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Switching Tracks - Blogging to Blawgging.

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You might have noticed that my blogging output has, for want of a better word, taken a plunge over the last few years. There were a lot of reasons. Inertia, lack of inspiration, burnout, family and work time pressures, a personal life that had drifted away from academia - all that played a role in moving me away from regular blogging.

The primary cause was something different. At some point in the last few years, I realized that I no longer had a clue where I fit in with this broad scientific community that most of us inhabit. I'd started my PhD with every intention of doing phenomenal research, writing some great papers, and pursuing a career as a full-time scientist. When we left Hawai'i in 2007, I had every intention of picking up my degree work again at the earliest opportunity. When we returned to Hawai'i last summer, I had no intention of jumping back into the lab life.
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