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Deployment Conversation: Maid Brigade Edition

Apr 24 2012 Published by under Uncategorized

Me: Pick up your room so the housekeepers can vacuum tomorrow.
Boy: Awwww. Why'd we have to get maids anyway?
Me: Because after the first deployment you mom told me that if the house ever got that messy again she'd throw all the stuff on the lawn, set it on fire, and claim PTSD when the MPs show up.
Boy: And you believe her?
Me: We're talking about your mother.
Boy: *starts putting toys in baskets*

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Apr 23 2012 Published by under "Supporting" the Troops, Afghanistan

CW2 Nicholas Johnson, CW2 Don Viray, SPC Dean Shaffer, and SPC Chris Workman died on Thursday, April 19th when their Blackhawk helicopter crashed in Helmand Province, Afghanistan while en route to pick up Afghan National Police officers who had been wounded in a suicide bomb attack at their checkpoint. They were assigned to A Company, 2/25 Aviation.

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My Wife's War: Worry, Wait, and Guilt

Apr 22 2012 Published by under "Supporting" the Troops, Afghanistan

Yesterday was a worry day; today is a waiting day. If my luck holds, tomorrow will be a guilt day. This is the first of these sequences for this deployment. It’s unlikely that it will be the last.

It’s another beautiful day in Honolulu. Most of the 117 days since my wife got on the plane to go back to Kandahar have been beautiful. Most of the next 250 or so days will also be beautiful.

Thursday night was not a beautiful night in Afghanistan. It was, as Snoopy would type, a dark and stormy night. First reports suggest that this was likely a factor in the crash of a UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter in Helmand Province. The helicopter was one of two that were on a CASEVAC mission. They were en route to an Afghan National Police checkpoint that had just suffered a suicide bombing that killed four police officers and wounded seven more. The first news reports indicated that survivors were considered “unlikely”. Later reports confirmed the deaths of the four American soldiers onboard.
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