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Growing Science in the Bronx

Jun 15 2006 Published by under Do Something, Education, Philanthropy, Science

Pick a Scienceblogger - any Scienceblogger - and you'll find someone who loves science, and thinks that everyone should be exposed to it. That's one of the reasons that we spend time hammering out these posts. We also, as a group, have this funny belief about science education. We think it's important. We think that it's a good thing for children to learn about the way their world works, and we're all for anything that helps with that.

That's why there are, as you may have seen on the main Scienceblogs page, a whole bunch of us clamoring for your money right now. We're embarking on a Bloggers Challenge to raise money to help teachers teach science. provides a way for individual teachers to take their proposals for projects directly to the public. What we've done is to set up challenges at the DonorsChoose website, where we've selected proposals that particularly appeal to us, and set our fundraising goals. My own goal for the challenge is on the modest size - less than $1,000 - but I think that the proposals I've chosen have enormous potential benefits. All three are at schools located near where I grew up, in The Bronx, New York. All three, if funded, will expose the students to something that most have absolutely no experience with - nature.

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