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I'm back.

Jun 30 2008 Published by under Truly Misc

For a number of reasons, I've been gone from my own blog for most of the last couple of months. Moving had something to do with it, but I think the biggest reason was that after two years as part of the ScienceBlogs collective and something like a year or so on my own before that, I just plain needed a break.

I'm back, the batteries are recharged, and I've got absolutely no idea what you'll be seeing here over the coming weeks and months. I know I want to do some things differently, but I learned a while ago not to make promises - even to myself - about what I'm going to change. This time, I'm just going to wing it.

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Curse You, Squid Baron!

Jan 19 2008 Published by under Truly Misc

Unlike many of the denizens of ScienceBlogs, I'm not in North Carolina for the 2nd Annual ScienceBlogging conference. I figured that any party that PZ Myers isn't at isn't worth attending. Now, I find that he's gone and snuck down there behind my back. (Apparently after one hell of a makeover, too.

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More incentive to improve my German

Dec 11 2007 Published by under Misc, Truly Misc

I took two years of German not all that long ago, but I can't really say I learned the language. I can pick out words here and there, make it to the bathroom, and say "I'm sorry, but my German is terrible". That last bit was the one that came most in handy when I was there for a couple of days last year.

Fortunately, I've got some incentive to improve my language skills. There's a good chance that we'll be moving out there in a couple of years, which wasn't a bad incentive, but hasn't been enough to get me off my butt yet. Fortunately, I've just been given another incentive: there's now a German-language ScienceBlogs site. The folks from Seed, who conceived of, designed, developed, and (most importantly) pay the bills for have formed a partnership with Hubert Burda Media, and this has lead to the opening of the new site.

If you speak the language, go on over and enjoy the new blogs. I'll be with you just as soon as I go back through my old textbook a couple of more times. And if you want to see another version of ScienceBlogs in a different language, head on over to Page 3.14 and take the language poll there.

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The Pharyngula Mutating Meme

Oct 21 2007 Published by under Misc, Truly Misc

The Skeptical Alchemist tagged me with the Pharyngula Mutating Meme - a series of questions that can change as they get passed from blogger to blogger according to a set of simple rules.

The original questions were:

1. The best time travel novel in SF/Fantasy is...

2. The best romantic movie in historical fiction is...

3. The best sexy song in rock is...

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Coach Pitch - Game 1

Oct 16 2007 Published by under Misc, Personal, Truly Misc

Our Coach Pitch baseball team just played the first game of the season. We had a very good game; the other team had a slightly better game. Everyone had fun, though, which is the key. A few quick thoughts on baseball and the 5-8 year-old group:

1: Before our next game, I'm going to make a recording of myself yelling "Play your own position!"

2: I'm going to make a recording of "Throw the ball to the pitcher."

3: At practice tomorrow night, we're going to spend most of the time working on the infield routine. The emphasis is going to be on throwing the ball after you catch it, with a secondary focus on throwing it to the right place.

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